Suggested Classification of different Cosmic elements by complexity.
Originally suggested by Jay Rudin, modifications suggested by Sebastian, Mike Arms, Aaron Fuegi, and Jack Reda.
Italicized variants are Internet expansions.

Comets Antibody Challenge Alternate Win Conditions
Edicts Antibody Edicts Asteroids
Flares * Bad Powers Camelot Encounter
Kickers Defend Cards Cheese Moons
Reinforcements Elementals Cosmic Dune
Special Destiny Half Moons Cosmic Poker
Super Shots Lucre Dreadnaughts
Two Powers Macroscope Full Moons
War Cards Points Lovecraftian Encounter
Praw Paradigm
Prisoners Planetoids
Punt Option Quarks
Quarter Moons Reverse Hex Destiny
Rebellion Reverse Planet Hexes
Secret Powers** Skews
Warp Fan
Worm Holes
* Flares for most powers can be considered Class I, but many others are Class II or III.

. **Secret powers can mean 1 of 2 things (clearly variation 2 makes Secret powers much more powerful): 1) Power must be revealed the moment it is applicable if it is a mandatory power (example: Anti-Matter in a challenge resolution when he is a main player). 2) Power can be kept Secret as long as the player wishes (example: Filth can be kept secret until someone has 4 bases and potentially wipe all of them out at once).