Reverse Hex Destiny Cards

Following the idea of Special Destiny Cards, I invented cards that corresponded with each of the Reverse Hex Systems.
If you are playing a game with the Reverse Hexes, shuffle each of the corresponding RH Destiny Cards into the Destiny Pile, along with whatever other Special Destiny Cards you are using.
When one of the Reverse Hex cards comes up, follow the instructions. They work very much like Flare cards. If you flip your own Hex, you follow the instructions under Super. If it is another player's Hex, use the Wild instructions.
A player flipping their own hex may still cancel the flip as normal.
Reverse Hex Destiny

The following are the instructions on all Reverse Hex Destiny Cards:
Reverse HexWildSuper
BinaryYou may designate which power Binary
will use regardless of what base you attack
You may use either or both of your powers
Gas Giant You may establish a second base on
the Gas Giant if you win this challenge
and already have a base there
Your tokens on the planet count to your
side withour being at risk
LunacyYou may invite allies, and offer them a base
in your system if you win this challenge
Any and all tokens you have on Moon bases may count
to your side's total in this challenge without risk
MirrorsIf you point the cone at a planet which has
tokens of another player, you need not guess
the Mirror planet
Your opponent must choose Black or White before
the challenge. If you lose, you may still land if you
guess correctly
Oort CloudYou may search the Destiny Pile for the Comet of your
to add to this challenge.
You may play any or all of the
remaining Comets in your hand for this challenge.
IsolatedCone limit is normal for this challengeYour allies are not limited to one token in the
Cone, but your opponent's are
PulsarYou may reposition the cone
after cards have been played, but
before they are revealed
You may declare which way to pulse after
cards have been played
RebellionYou may attack the Rebellion on any planet
where they have tokens
You may attack any player on any planet
RingsThe value on a Ring is reduced by the
number of tokens on your side
You may add the Ring number to your side
RingworldYour tokens on adjacent segments
count to your side's total
Your tokens on adjacent segments
count to your side's total
RosetteYou may add your tokens on an
adjacent planet to your total without risk
You may add your allies' tokens on adjacent
planets to your side's total
SingularityYou may use up to 4 tokens of any player from
any level of the Singularity as your allies
You may move each involved player's tokens
up or down one level of the Singularity
Six-PactYou may designate which power Six-Pact
will use regardless of what base you attack
You may use any of both of your powers
Space DustYou may prevent Space Dust from using
a Destiny Card in this challenge
You may play more than one Destiny Card
to add to your side's total
Space StationsYou may add the number of tokens you and your
allies have on any of the stations to your total
You may add the number of tokens you have on
the planet to your side if challenging a station
SpiralYou may gain rewards as if a winning
defensive ally if you win this challenge
As reward for winning this challenge, you may
draw the planet number of cards from the loser, or
force that number of the loser's tokens to the warp
World ShipsYou may prevent World Ships from
overriding this Destiny Card
You may use one of the Destiny Cards from your
hand this challenge, without discarding it

Expansion by Jack Reda