Lovecraftian Encounter

This a self contained game consisting of six powers, their flares and special rules for play. This expansion utilizes Constellations.

According to Lovecraftian lore, when certain stars were in the proper alignment the Elder Gods would once again rule the universe. The object of Lovecraftian Encounter is to occupy specific external bases as well as specific home bases. Each player is a cult, trying to get their deity to return.

In a six player game, each player has one Lovecraftian Encounter power. In a five player game omit Nyarlathotep and in a four player game omit Azathoth as well. In a 3 player game, each player should have two powers; Cthulhu/Shub-Niggurath, Hastur/Yog-Sothoth or Nyarlathotep/Azathoth (for added chaos, you can play normal Cosmic Encounter powers in addition to the Lovecraftian Encounter powers). Lovecraftian Encounter is played like regular CE with the following changes:

Each alien actually has two powers; an internal power (one that can be used as long as certain home bases remain occupied), and an external power (one that is activated once certain external bases are occupied).

At the start of the game each player must take a Constellation sheet, and mark the following:

  • Three of their home bases
  • Three external bases

    The three home bases are the planets in a player's home system which they must occupy in order to continue using their Internal power. The three external bases are those which they must capture in order to get the use of their external power. A player must also occupy all of these bases, and any two other external bases in order to win.

    In addition, no player can win unless there are 30 or more tokens of any colors in the Warp.

    Each player should keep their Constellation secret until they have occupied all six of their marked planets. However, if a player loses one of his specific home bases, he is obligated to inform the players that he has lost the use of his internal power. Likewise, players must notify everyone once they are able to activate their external power.

    In Lovecraftian Encounter, the Destiny Pile determines the opponent, not necessarily the system the offensive player must challenge. The offensive player may challenge that player on any base he has.
    Example: On Red's turn, the color Blue is flipped in the Destiny Pile. Blue has tokens on four home bases, one base in the Red system, and one base in the Yellow system. Red may challenge Blue on any of these planets. He may want to challenge Blue on the base in Red's system, if that base is one Red must occupy in order to win.

    Players may have use of both of their powers, or either one during the game, but they must have both in order to win. When a player is Cosmic Zapped, they lose the use of both powers.

    Powers for Lovecraftian Encounter:

    Expansion by Jack Reda