Bad Powers

Encounter 2.3 contained an article about the Cosmic Encounter Contraction set. Several players have had ideas for "Bad" powers, and this is a culmination of this particular idea. The CE Contraction set introduced the language of "You have the weakness of...", which has been retained for Bad Powers. Originally the the Contraction set of Bad Powers did not include Flares, but Marcus Porter decided it would be better to include them, allowing the Super to act as an immunity to one's own Bad Power. Wild Flares act as one-shots (discarded after use).

These are powers that no one in their right mind would want to play. Each Bad Power is a handicap a player must deal with while trying to win the game. They are recommended for use with normal powers as well (making a multi-power game). However, any Bad Power you draw that directly contradicts the normal power you have should be exchanged for one that has no conflicts.

There are a few Bad Power effects (the Gremlin power, a couple Edicts, Hazards etc...) which can force a player to use a Bad Power. These Powers are known as Bad Endowment Powers. They may be used in a game that doesn't start with all player's playing a Bad Power. All players should agree before the game starts whether or not Bad Powers may be brought into an otherwise "normal" game. Bad Powers (and their Flares) should be kept separate so they can't be randomly drawn instead of a real power (i.e. you can't reincarnate and find that your Virus has been replaced by a Bad Power). Bad Power aliens (like the Gremlin) may be mixed with the regular powers.

Expansion by Edward S. Bolme