The WARP Alternate Win Conditions

Alternate Win Conditions

Alternate Win Conditions present a different goal to the game (as opposed to gaining five external bases). The steps below represent the different conditions available for an alternate win, using a special deck of cards (kept separate the other decks).

1. Each player draws one card which represents his or her personal goal in this game. Everyone can see everyone else's win conditions.
2. Like option 1, but each personís win condition need only be revealed when they fulfill them.
3. One ACW (Alternate Win Condition) card is drawn and that is the goal for every player in the game.
(note: the Edict Paradigm Shift forces this condition)

Each of the above variants may be played either in addition to, or in lieu of the normal win conditions (five external bases.)
Optional Rule: AWC cards may be traded in a deal.

To randomly determine which option to use, a die may be rolled and the following chart selected (it is usually better if all players simply agree on which option to use):

1.Individual cards, visible, replacing normal win.
2.Individual cards, visible, in addition to normal win.
3.Individual cards, secret, replacing normal win.
4.Individual cards, secret, in addition to normal win.
5.One card for everyone replacing normal win.
6.One card for everyone in addition to normal win.

Note: "In addition to Win" merely means either method is acceptable for winning the game.

The deck of AWC cards we use currently contains the following Conditions to Win:

All moons, or a combination of moons and planets
All tokens on one external base
Five bases in one system
Five prisoners of each player
Four bases and no tokens in the warp
Four external bases and all home bases
One base in each system
One each: planet, moon, Dreadnaught, prisoner, Macroscope
One moon in each system
Secretly pick any AWC (and write it down)
Separate base shared with each player
Three bases and 50 lucre
Three bases and a 25 card hand
Three external bases and no one else in home system

Expansion by Jack Reda and Marcus Porter