The WARP Prisoners


"Prisoner" Destiny Cards; "Ruling cards", which are like edicts.

Shuffle the Prisoner Rulings cards into the deck before dealing hands. Shuffle the Capture Challenge cards into the destiny deck.
[The appropriate number of Capture Challenge cards has not been fixed by play-testing yet. I have two reports; one game used one card per player, the other used two cards (for four players), both reports indicated satisfactory results.]

When a Capture Challenge card is flipped, the challenge becomes a Capture Challenge. A second card is then flipped to determine the destiny color.
A capture challenge proceeds normally until the challenge is resolved.
1) If one player wins the challenge, all losing tokens of his opponent and allies are imprisoned on that player's Star Disc instead of going to the Warp.
2) If the main players must make a deal, if no agreement is reached each of the main player loses three tokens which are imprisoned by his opponent. In a capture challenge only tokens actually in the Cone, the defensive tokens on the planet, and Bullied tokens that would normally be lost to the Warp or eradicated (but including Zombie tokens) are imprisoned.

Any other tokens lost during a capture challenge go to the Warp. This includes those which are lost when Powers such as the Assassin, Gambler, and Vacuum act, those lost to Flares such as the Wild Assassin and Wild Disease, and those lost to Edicts such as the Plague. n addition, when tokens go to prison instead of the Warp, powers that say "to the Warp" (Fungus, Healer, Void, Zombie, etc.) do not apply.

In any challenge immediately after the destiny color is determined, if either main player has imprisoned tokens belonging to the other on his Star Disc, the players engage in a "prisoner exchange" before continuing the challenge. The defensive player first has fifteen seconds to propose any legal exchange (see below). The offensive player may accept this deal without modification, or reject it; if he rejects it, he has fifteen seconds to propose a legal exchange, which the defensive player must then accept without modification or reject. The exchange ends when one player accepts the other's proposal or when both proposals have been rejected. If a proposal is accepted, the players immediately implement it. There is no penalty for failing to make an exchange. The challenge continues normally after the exchange, whether a proposal is accepted or not. In a prisoner exchange, at least one imprisoned token (of any color) must be exchanged. The number and colors of the tokens to be exchanged must be specified in the proposal. The exchange may also include the trade of Lucre and cards drawn randomly from hands (offers of, or demands for, specific cards are not permitted). For example, "I'll give you a red prisoner for a blue prisoner," "I'll give you two red prisoners for three cards," and "I'll give you two Lucre and a yellow prisoner for two green prisoners and a card" are all legal proposals for exchanges. "I'll give you an Attack 12 for two red prisoners" and "I'll give you four prisoners for three cards" are not legal (the first mentions a specific card, and the second does not specify the prisoners to be transferred).

Prisoners, as well as cards, Lucre, and bases, may be traded when players must make a deal. The word "deal" never refers to the prisoner exchange part of a challenge.

Any player who receives his own imprisoned tokens returns them to any of his bases. Any prisoner tokens of other colors that he receives (in an exchange, capture challenge, deal, or for any other reason) are imprisoned on his Star Disc.

Because of the "mini-Void" effects of the prisoners rules, players may wish to adopt the following rule: At the beginning of each of his challenges, a player may rescue a token from the Warp to a base, raise a token from the Praw to the Warp, or rescue one of his tokens which is imprisoned on any player's Star Disc to a base. If you adopt this rule, note that imprisoned tokens may not be taken as defensive rewards or purchased using Lucre. Mobius Tubes and Warp Break have no effect on imprisoned tokens (unless the Force is with you, or the Witch curses them).

Prisoner Rulings are cards which are shuffled into the deck and treated like any other card (subject to consolation, may be traded in deals, etc.). You play a Prisoner Ruling by putting it face up in front of yourself. Discard after playing. (Prisoner Rulings are thus used in a manner similar to Edicts, but they are not Edicts; in particular, the Mesmer may not change Rulings into other Rulings, and the Vulch does not pick up Rulings after they are discarded.)

The Prisoners Expansion contains the following Rulings:
	2 General Amnesty
	2 Jailbreak
	1 Prisoner Swap
	1 Take Prisoners
	1 Victory or Death
	1 Commando Raid
	1 Raid on Entebbe
	1 Prison Deaths

[The number and types of Rulings need to be play-tested.]

Prisoner Rulings are played as follows:

GENERAL AMNESTY: Use "Amnesty" to free all prisoners from all Star Discs. Each player receives all his imprisoned tokens and may return them to any bases; if a player has no bases, his tokens go to the Warp. You may play Amnesty only at the start of your own challenge, before you raise or rescue a token.
JAILBREAK: "Jailbreak" frees all prisoners held on any one player's Star Disc; indicate which player when you use the card. All tokens on the Star Disc return to bases or go to the Warp if the player has no bases. You may play Jailbreak only at the start of your own challenge, before you raise or rescue a token.
PRISONER SWAP: Play "Swap" anytime between challenges. When you play it, all players have one minute to try to trade any prisoners they hold for other prisoners. All exchanges must be one token for one token, but the colors of the tokens do not matter. Players may accept or reject any offered exchange without penalty. No Powers, Flares, or Edicts may be used during the exchange. Note: All Powers, Flares, etc. that refer to a "prisoner exchange" refer to the prisoner exchange portion of the challenge, NOT to the exchanges of a Prisoner Swap.
TAKE PRISONERS: Play "Prisoners" in any challenge anytime before the outcome is determined. The challenge is then converted into a capture challenge.
VICTORY OR DEATH: Play "VoD" in any capture challenge anytime before the outcome is determined. The challenge is then converted into a regular (i.e., non-capture) challenge.
COMMANDO RAID: Play "Commando" after a player wins a challenge (but not in a deal situation). The winning player and each his allies receive all of their tokens held prisoner by the losing main player, returning the tokens to bases. Tokens held by the losing main player that do not belong to the winning main player or his allies remain imprisoned.
RAID ON ENTEBBE: Play "Entebbe" between challenges. When you do so, you become the offensive player in a challenge to rescue prisoners held by any other player. You do not rescue/raise a token, flip a Destiny Disc, or engage in a prisoner exchange in this challenge. Put from one to four tokens into the Cone and point it at any other player's Star Disc. That player becomes the defensive player; he may put from zero to four tokens into the defensive oval of the Cone after you point it. You then proceed as in a normal challenge. Powers, Flares, Edicts, and Kickers may be used as appropriate during the challenge. If you win the challenge, you and all your allies each receive any of your own tokens held prisoner by the defensive player; you then receive any remaining tokens held by the defensive player, as well as all tokens in the defensive end of the Cone, and imprison them yourself. If the defensive player wins, all his allies receive any of their tokens held by the defensive player; the defensive player then imprisons all the tokens in the offensive end of the cone. After the "Raid" concludes, play resumes where it was interrupted.
PRISON DEATHS: Play "Deaths" at any time. Select one imprisoned token of each color and put it in the Warp. If a player has no tokens in prison, you do nothing for that color; but if a player has any imprisoned tokens, you must select one. You may take tokens from any prison(s).

USE OF EXISTING POWERS AND FLARES WITH PRISONERS -- As general rules for interpretation:

Imprisoned tokens never count as a base for the use of Powers, Flares, or Edicts.

Imprisoned tokens retain their state. For example, Fungus stacks remain together in Prison, even if some of the tokens in the stack belong to the Prison's owner; Vampire slaves remain upside-down and are treated as Vampire tokens.

Each imprisoned token counts as one token, whatever properties they normally have; each Macron token and each Fungus stack counts as a single token when it is in a Prison.

"Tokens that go to the Warp" does not apply to tokens that go to prison; the powers of the Healer, Void, Zombie, etc. do not apply to imprisoned tokens.

Similarly, "from the Warp" never means "from prison".

With the exception of Bullied tokens, all tokens that are lost during a capture challenge for any reason other than direct involvement in the challenge go to the Warp, not prison. This includes tokens lost when Powers such as the Assassin, Gambler, Grudge, Skeptic, Terrorist, and Vacuum act.

Tokens lost in a secondary challenge -- Boomerang, Pirate, Wild Warrior, etc., but not Timegash -- are imprisoned if the main challenge was a capture challenge.

Effects that allow a player to select tokens do NOT allow him to take tokens from Prisons, even where the wording is ambiguous.

The following additional clarifications for Powers are made; [E] applies to the Eon version of the power, [M] to the Mayfair, and [EM] to both.

ASSASSIN [EM] -- May not assassinate a prisoner.
ASSESSOR [E] -- Tax tokens are not prisoners.
BOOMERANG [E] -- Destiny card for the main challenge determines the type of the Boomerang challenge.
BULLY [E] -- Bullied tokens are imprisoned in capture challenges.  Bully may NOT choose imprisoned 
tokens (despite wording of card).
DICTATOR [E] -- Changes the destiny color, but not the type of challenge.
DIPLOMAT [E] -- In three-way deals in a capture challenge, if Diplomat and main players fail to 
deal, the three tokens each loses are imprisoned by the involved player (Diplomat or main player) 
to the player's right.
DRAGON [E] -- Does not receive Lucre exchanged for prisoners.
EXTORTIONIST [E] -- Does extort cards exchanged for prisoners.
FILTH [EM] -- May share prisons with other player's tokens.
FORCE [E] -- May modify effects of Prisoner Rulings, including modifying General Amnesty and 
Jailbreak to include the Warp/Praw/Fan and modifying Mobius Tubes and Warpbreak to include Prisons.
FUNGUS [EM] -- Does not adhere to losers in a capture challenge.  Stacks do not break up in prison.  
Each stack in a prison counts as one Fungus token.
GAMBLER [EM] -- Tokens lost when opponent calls bluff go to the Warp.
GRUDGE [E] -- Grudged tokens go to Warp.
HEALER [EM] -- May not heal tokens that become prisoners.
JUDGE [E] -- Fiats may involve prisoners, i.e., "loser gives winner all the tokens he has 
imprisoned". Fiat may not cause tokens to be imprisoned (e.g.  "winner imprisons all the tokens 
the loser has in the challenge").
LLOYD [E] -- If insured tokens are imprisoned, the insured player pays the Lloyd.
MACRON [EM] -- Macron tokens in prison each count as one token.
MESMER [E] -- Does not affect Prisoner Rulings; may not turn Edicts into Rulings.
NEGATOR [E] -- May not negate the taking of prisoners, but may negate acceptance or rejection of 
an exchange proposal.
PHANTOM [M] -- Ghost tokens cannot be imprisoned.
PIRATE [E] -- Tokens lost in raid go to prison in a capture challenge.
SIREN [E] -- Destiny card determines type of challenge when Siren lures.
SKEPTIC [E] -- "Double-doubted" tokens in a capture challenge go to Warp.
SYMBIOTE [M] -- Second-color tokens can be imprisoned; each counts as one Symbiote token.
TERRORIST [EM] -- In capture challenge, winning player takes prisoners, then lands on the planet; 
only then do bombs go off and send all tokens on the planet to the Warp.
VACUUM [EM] -- Does not take catharsis when his tokens are imprisoned. When he takes catharsis, 
the other players must select tokens from bases (despite wording of card).
VAMPIRE [M] -- In a capture challenge, takes prisoners instead of slaves. Slaves remain slaves 
in Prison, and count as Vampire tokens; they are freed from the Vampire by Mobius Tubes or Warp 
Break but remain in Prison (unless they then belong to the Prison's owner).
VOID [EM] -- In a capture challenge, takes prisoners instead of eradicating.
VULCH [EM] -- Does not salvage Prisoner Rulings (even as Super Vulch).
WARRIOR [E] -- Wild Warrior challenge is the same type as the preceding one.
WILL [EM] -- Flips a card to determine the type of challenge.
WITCH [E] -- Optionally add "curse affecting prisoners" to list.
WRACK [EM] -- May NOT take opponent's tokens from any Prisons when torturing.
ZOMBIE [EM] -- Can be imprisoned.

The following additional clarifications for Flares are made; [E] applies to the 
Eon version of the power, [M] to the Mayfair, and [EM] to both.

ANTI-MATTER [M] -- Wild Anti-Matter puts tokens in the Warp.
ASSASSIN [EM] -- Wild Assassin put tokens in the Warp, not in Prison, but the winner of the challenge 
 still imprisons the losing tokens.
ASSESSOR [E] -- Wild Assessor captured tokens are not prisoners.
BOOMERANG [E] -- Wild Boomerang does not prevent tokens from being imprisoned.
BUTLER [E] -- Wild Butler may NOT secretly take his own tokens from Prison and put them in the Warp.
CRYSTAL [E] -- Super Crystal arrangements occur before the prisoner exchange, and may include 
 understandings about prisoners.
DELEGATOR [E] -- Super Delegator does not delegate loss when imprisoned.
DEMON [E] -- Wild Demon takes all tokens on planet prisoner if he wins in a capture challenge.
DIPLOMAT [E] -- In Wild Diplomat deals, tokens go to the Warp.
EMPATH [E] -- Wild Empath sends tokens to Warp.
EXTORTIONIST [E] -- Wild Extortionist always sends tokens to Warp.
FILCH [E] -- Wild Filch may NOT take his own tokens from Prisons to bases.
FILCH [M] -- Wild Filch may NOT steal Rulings as they are played.
FILTH [EM] -- Wild and Super Filth send tokens with no bases to Warp.
FUNGUS [EM] -- Wild Fungus may not be used in capture challenge; the losing tokens must be imprisoned.  
 Tokens captured with the Wild Fungus are returned to their owners (Eon) or put in the Warp (Mayfair) 
 when appropriate, not in Prison.
LOSER [M] -- When Wild Loser is used, each main player imprisons all tokens lost by the other side.
PACIFIST [EM] -- Super Pacifist failing to deal in capture challenge gives one token to opponent for 
 imprisonment and receives five.
SUBVERSIVE [M] -- Wild Subversive tokens go to the Warp, not Prison.
SYMBIOTE [M] -- Tokens on planet when Wild Symbiote is used do not go to Prison.
TERRORIST [EM] -- Tokens held hostage by Wild Terrorist go to Warp.
VACUUM [EM] -- Super Vacuum may NOT select prisoners.
VAMPIRE [M] -- Super Vampire may not be used in a capture challenge.
VOID [EM] -- Super Void does not eradicate tokens in a capture challenge.
VULCH [EM] -- Super Vulch does not salvage Prisoner Rulings.
WARRIOR [E] -- Wild Warrior challenge is the same type as the preceding one.
WRACK [EM] -- Wild Wrack "power fee" tokens go to Warp.
ZOMBIE [E] -- Super Zombie takes prisoners in capture challenge, not "zombie slaves".
ZOMBIE [M] -- Tokens taken from Warp by Super Zombie are imprisoned in a capture challenge if the side 

See also Prisoner Powers

Expansion by Ken Cox

Copyright (C) 1991 by Ken Cox. Distributed as Freeware. Permission is given to copy, modify, and distribute this material freely provided this notice is retained.