War Cards

A number of War cards, depending on which of the following editions of Cosmic Encounter is being used:
  • Eon (basic, w/Exp 1-2), West End, Games Workshop--3 War cards;
  • Eon (w/Exp 3-7)--4 War cards;
  • Eon (w/Exp 8-9), Mayfair (basic)--5 War cards;
  • Mayfair (w/More)--8 War cards.
War card illustration

War cards are added to the main deck and should, ideally, be made from spare blank cards. If no blank cards are available, place a special mark on the faces of the following cards:

Once marked, these cards are considered War cards for all purposes. They are no longer Attack cards, nor are their numerical values relevant.


Shuffle the appropriate number of War cards (see above) into the main deck before play begins.


War cards are challenge cards, and are played in exactly the same manner as other types of challenge cards (i.e., Attack and Compromise cards). All rules regarding challenge cards--including the effects of powers, edicts, flares, moons, etc.--also apply to War cards, except as noted here.

Challenge Outcome Resolution:

When a War card is played in a challenge, the outcome is determined as follows:

Kickers (Eon Exp 8, Mayfair More):

Kickers may be played with (or against) War cards, just as they are with other challenge cards. When a War card is played in a challenge, the effect of a Kicker is as follows:

Kicker effects apply only to main players, not their allies. When a player's losses are multiplied, he first loses any tokens he had in the challenge, then sends additional tokens from bases to Warp (or retrieves tokens from Warp to bases, if the Kicker value is less than 1) until the required number of losses (or as close as possible) is achieved.

Expansion by Bryan Bowe