The WARP Playing for points

Playing for points

Rather than simply going for 5 external bases (or whatever you consider normal win conditions), you may also play for points. This creates multiple layers of strategy as players try to execute plans based on the overall value of specific actions. Below is a suggested point scale which applies value to certain elements of play and goals achieved.

Each external base: 10
Each home base: 6
Captured fifth base (jointly): 5
Captured fifth base (alone): 10
Use of Alien Power: 5
Loss of Alien Power: -5
Tokens in the warp: -3 each
Cards remaining in hand: -1 for challenge cards,
-2 for non-challenge cards,
-5 for flare of your power(s).
Each moon: 4
Lucre: 1 each
Prisoners: 2 each
Skew cards: -5 each

Additional expansions may be awarded point values as you see fit.

Players on the verge of winning would have to prolong play in order to improve their overall score, giving other players the opportunity to do the same.

Expansion by Jack Reda