Cosmic Dune

This a self contained game consisting of six powers, their flares and several new edicts (some of these edicts may not be suitable for use with normal CE).

Throughout these instructions, and on the power cards, Lucre is referred to as Spice. You may use the two terms interchangeably.

In a six player game, each player has one Cosmic Dune power. In a five player game omit the Guild and in a four player game omit the Emperor as well. In a 3 player game, each player should have two powers; Atreides/Fremen, Harkonnen/Emperor or Bene Gesserit/Guild (for added chaos, you can play normal Cosmic Encounter powers in addition to the Cosmic Dune powers). Cosmic Dune is played like regular CE with the following changes:

At the start of the game (and any time thereafter when a player draws a new hand) each player draws a 5 card hand from the challenge deck.
Each player may hold a maximum of 5 cards in their hand with the exception of the Harkonnens who may hold 7. If a player somehow gains more than their maximum, they must immediately play or discard any extra cards.
All of the Dune Edicts and Flares are kept in a separate deck. This deck is only drawn from during the Bidding Round (see below).

During each Interphase, the top cards from the separate deck are auctioned (as many cards as there are players). Bidding starts with the player whose turn is next, going clockwise. The next bid starts with the next player. Bidding opens at 1 Spice (or pass), and each player must increase the bid by 1 Spice (max.) or pass. If a player passes during the bid, they may not bid on that card again. If all players pass on a particular card, the bidding round ends immediately. A player may NOT bid on a card if he/she already has their maximum number of cards. Any Interphase cards must be played before or after bidding. Each power has a special bidding power.

Normal Lucre rules do not apply to spice. Spice may be used for the following:
* Buy cards during the bidding round. (Cards may not be bought at any other time)
* Main players may "Enhance" their tokens by paying 3 spice per token. The token is now worth double itís normal value. Tokens must be enhanced before cards are played. Any tokens brought in after cards are played remain at their original value. Players may not enhance more than their number of tokens. Allies tokens may not be enhanced. (Enhancement is done instead of buying points with lucre)
* Any player may pay five spice to see what the top card of the deck is after the bidding round is over.
* At the end of a playerís turn, they may buy up to 4 tokens from the Warp at a cost of two spice per token.
* Spice may be traded in a deal.

Consolation may be collected in the form of cards and/or spice from the player.
Spice may be collected for rewards.
Cosmic Zaps do not work on bidding powers.
Players may not have more than their maximum number of cards, except when collecting consolation or as rewards- but they must immediately play or discard the cards drawn after they exceed their max.
Players may "Punt" at the start of their turn rather then taking a turn. They then draw a new 5 card hand (discarding or playing any cards in their old hand), and collect 10 spice. No bidding takes place. Play passes immediately.
Moons should not be used in Cosmic Dune.

In addition to the Dune Flares and Edicts, a number of worthless cards equal to the number of players should be shuffled into the separate deck (one for each player in the game). These worthless cards can only be discarded when a player must draw a new hand.

All Dune Edicts, Flares and Worthless cards that are discarded get reshuffled into the Separate deck when it has been exhausted.

Powers for Cosmic Dune:

Edicts for Cosmic Dune:

Baliset: This is a worthless card.

CHOAM Boon: Collect 5 spice from every player. Play between challenges.

Family Atomics: Both main players lose their tokens to the Warp. Play before allies are invited.

Ghola: When another player removes tokens from the warp, you may remove an equal number of your own.

Gom Jabbar: Send one token from anywhere to the Warp. Play at any time.

Hunter Seeker: Send one of your opponents tokens to the Warp. Play as a main player before cards are revealed.

Jubba Cloak: This is a worthless card.

Kull Wahad: This is a worthless card.

Kulon: This is a worthless card.

Kwisatz Haderach: One token in a challenge is worth 15 (for calculating totals only).This token may not be enhanced. Play any time before cards are revealed.

La La La: This is a worthless card.

Landsraad: Draw a random power from those not in use and add it to your own for one challenge.

Lasgun: Remove all allies from one side. Their tokens go to the Warp. Play before cards are revealed.

Mentat: As an ally you may look at the opposing main player's challenge cards before any are played, and advise your ally without naming any specific cards.

Shai Hulud: If you win as the main player collect half the lucre (rounding up) of the losing player.

Shield: Nullify any edict or wild flare played against you.

Still Suit: Retain one token when you must lose more than one to the Warp. You choose which token to keep. Play after you must lose tokens.

Thumper: Cause the offensive player to reposition the cone. Play before cards are revealed.

Tleilaxu: You may negotiate to return from the Warp some or all tokens of another player for one Spice/Lucre per token.

Trip to Gamont: This is a worthless card.

Water of Life: Expose the card currently under bid.

Weirding Way: Transforms your attack card into the same value as your opponent. Play as a main player.

Variant by Jack Reda