Super Shots

I like the concept of Supers. It is fun to take your power to that next level when you need it. However, basing Supers on Flares, whether using Eon or Mayfair rules, is very random. You might go through an entire game without ever being able to use your Super. I know many people enjoy a rip-roaring random game, but sometimes I want a more strategic-level game. I figure there is enough randomness in the distribution of Challenge Cards and Edicts as well as the Destiny pile/deck.

The description of Supers are printed on the Flare cards themselves. Every player starts the game with 2 or 3 "charges" (decide the number at your own discretion). Periodically throughout the game, you may decide to use one of your Super Shots (thus enhancing your power for that challenge). Each time you do this, you expend one of your "charges".

Super Shots may be used any time during the game. Once they are used, they are gone, though players may be able to buy more Shots for 12 Lucre. Cosmic Zap stops the use of a shot and the entire power, and the charge is considered used.

This approach does require a re-thinking of Supers and many power’s Supers may have to change. Because they may be used multiple times any time, they cannot be too powerful. They cannot have continuing effects like some Eon Supers.

Expansion by Patrick Riley (additional modifications by Jack Reda)