Defend Cards

This is an additional type of Challenge Card that was developed to try and capture the feel of someone who fights a battle they know they will lose, just to take as many of the enemy with them as possible.

A new Challenge card marked "Defend Card". 5 in a deck is recommended.

Only a Defensive Main Player may play a Defend Card. This is played face down like any other Challenge Card. When revealed against an Attack Card, the Defensive player automatically loses. All defensive tokens (main player and allies) go to the Warp. However, for each token the defensive main player had in the challenge (and lost from the base as a result of the challenge), the attacking players must lose that many of their tokens involved in that challenge (attacking main player, and each ally).

Defend Card (Art by Jack Reda)
Example: Blue attacks Red with 2 tokens. Yellow allies with Blue with 4 tokens. Red is defending with 3 tokens. When Challenge Cards are revealed, Blue has an Attack 10, and Red has played a Defend Card. Red loses the challenge, and his 3 tokens go to the Warp. Because Red played a Defend Card, Blue must lose both of his tokens, and Yellow must lose 3 of her 4 tokens. Therefore, only 1 Yellow token may occupy the base. The challenge is still considered a win for the Blue player.

If a Defending player plays a Defend Card and the Offensive player plays a Compromise, the attacking player loses, but does not gain consolation.

If a Defending player plays a Defend Card and the Offensive player plays a War card, each attacking player must lose a number of tokens equal to the difference between the number of their tokens and the number of defending main player's tokens.

Example: In the same example above, Blue reveals a War card. The difference in the number of tokens between his and Red is 1. He loses 1 token, and the other 1 may land. Yellow must also lose 1 token, and 3 may land (the difference is still only 1, even though Yellow had more tokens than Red, and Blue has fewer tokens). If Red were only defending with 1 token, then Blue would still only lose 1 token, but Yellow would then lose 3 tokens.

Even though a Defend Card is a Challenge Card, if an offensive player has no other Challenge Cards in his hand, he is considered to be out of Challenge Cards.

Defensive allies do not alter the affects of a Defend card in any way.

Expansion by Jack Reda