These are cards that appear in the deck which interfere with a player’s normal objectives. As soon as a player draws a Skew card, he must immediately announce that he has one, and play it face up in front of him. Until he accomplishes the objectives laid out on the Skew, he may not:

-Gain any bases.
-Remove any tokens from the Warp.
-Gain any Lucre.
-Receive consolation.
-Win the game.

Skew Card
The Skew card is still considered part of the player’s hand, and as such is subject to consolation. If another player draws the Skew card he must immediately comply with the objectives. The original holder of the card is free of the Skew. Players who must draw a new hand after running out of Challenge Cards must retain any Skews they were holding, and then fill their hand up to seven (counting the Skews).

While Paradigm cards affect everyone in play, Skew cards affect only the holder of the card.


Lose a challenge as a defensive ally.
Counter the effects of any edict.
Make a deal.
Vacate a moon.
Lose the use of your Alien Power.
Win a challenge as an offensive ally.
Play a Challenge Card that ends in "0".
Hold more than 20 cards in your hand.
Have more tokens in the Warp than out.
Attack a base in your own system.
Make a challenge against all other players at one time.
Win a challenge with an Attack Card valued less than 0.

Expansion by Jack Reda