Antibody Challenge Cards

Antibody Challenge Cards are cards that change depending on who uses them, and/or whom they are used against.

Each card has two values. The main value is the larger of the two. This is what the Challenge card is normally considered to be. In one corner of the Antibody card is a color. When this card is played against a player of the color stated on the card, OR played by that same color, then the person playing the card must use the second value.

Blue has an Antibody card with "Red" on it, and the value is -5 and 20. If Blue plays this card in a challenge against Yellow, then the value of the card is -5. If Blue plays this card against Red, then the value is 20.

Red has the same card mentioned above. Red challenges Blue, and when revealing the card, Red must use the second value: 20.

Antibody Challenge Card (Art by Jack Reda)

There are 5 Antibody cards of each color, in the following values:

-5 and 20
14 and 7
10 and 0
6 and 12
8 and Compromise

The Antibody is considered a normal Challenge Card of the first (larger) value until it is revealed in a Challenge. In the above examples, the Antibody (Red -5, 20) is considered an Attack -5 until it is revealed in a challenge. If Blue plays Finder, and asks for an Attack 20 in Red's hand, he will be unable to take the Antibody card. "Antibody" cards can not be singled out for a Finder edict.

However, if the Seeker asks a player "do you have any Antibody cards?", or "are you going to play an Antibody card?", the player must answer truthfully.

A player may throw away an Antibody when "Plagued" to fulfill the Attack card requirement. Even if Plagued by the color player named on the card, the holder of the Antibody may only use the card's primary value.

If Sorcerer is used to switch cards, the card value changes when revealed.

Expansion by Jack Reda