The WARP Comets


These is a new kind of card that goes in the Destiny pile: Comets modify the rules of the coming challenge. Simply note the effect and draw another Destiny Card to determine the defensive player. If more than one Comet appear on the same challenge, use only the first drawn, ignoring all others.

If a Comet comes up and the offensive player ends up drawing more than once to find the target of the challenge, the Comet still affects the challenge. The Worldships player can play a comet from his hand after the destiny flip but before the cone is pointed to affect the coming challenge.

Before starting play, shuffle the instructional Destiny Cards (Special Destiny) and the Comets together. From this stack, include in the regular destiny pile one special card for each player in the game. During play, after each time through the destiny pile, remove the last special card to have been played and replace it with an unused one before reshuffling the destiny pile.
Mayfair numbered the Comet cards, and they appear as follows.

[Defend card illustration]

11 Power Outage: No one can use any power during this challenge.

12 Consolation War: Double any consolation from this challenge.

13 Free-for-All: All players must join this challenge as a main player or ally. There is a general call for allies on both sides.

14 Victory Dance: Players may enter the cone with as many tokens as they have bases.

15 An Odd Way to Win a War: If only one of the two main players plays an odd Attack Card, that player wins the challenge. Otherwise, determine the winner normally.

16 Tenacious Defense: If the defensive player plays an Attack card from 1 to 10, double its value before calculating other card effects.

17 Expense War: All players must pay 2 lucre per card they play in this challenge. If either main player has no lucre or only one when this card is drawn, he may still play a Challenge Card, paying one lucre if he has one.

18 Half-Hearted War: All Attack Cards count as half value this challenge. Halve the value (dropping fractions) before calculating other card effects.

19 Rewards Battle: No player can win a base in this challenge. The winning main player and winning allies all get rewards of tokens or cards instead.

20 Drop Kicker: Both main players must play a Kicker if they can.

21 Restrained Attack: No player may play Kickers or Reinforcements this challenge.

22 Anti-Extremist: No player may play an Attack Card below zero or above 15 unless he has no other Challenge Card to play.

23 Power Rewop: All players use a randomly drawn Alien Power during this challenge instead of their normal powers. If you draw a setup power or one requiring special facets (like the Miser's hoard or the Symbiote's extra tokens), discard it and draw again.

24 Reparations: The winner of this challenge must pay the loser 5 lucre. For every lucre he cannot pay, he must lose one token to the Warp.

25 Power Surge: All players have full use of their Alien Powers during this challenge. None can be taken away for any reason, including loss of bases, Cosmic Zap, Plant, Silencer, etc.

26 Have I Got a Deal for You?: You and your opponent have one minute to make a deal instead of having a normal challenge. If you can't agree, you lose nothing and proceed with the regular challenge. If you do agree, it counts as a successful challenge.

See also Special Destiny Cards.

New Comets

From Patrick Riley

Nod to Judge: The loser of the challenge gets a base in the winner's system. This only applies to the main players.

High Stakes War: All losing tokens in this challenge are removed from the game.

Low Stakes War: All losing tokens in the challenge return to bases.

Mercenaries: The winning player must give one lucre to each of the winning allies for each token they committed.

Money Talks: Lucre is worth double this challenge.

Frozen Accounts: No lucre may be spent in this challenge.

Semi-Sanity: Only the main players may play any cards this challenge.

Use 'em or Lose 'em: At the end of the challenge, both main players must discard all non-challenge cards.

Maximum Effort: Main players must play their highest attack cards this challenge.

Total Blow Out: If the difference between challenge totals is greater than 10, all tokens in the challenge go to the Warp. This counts as a loss for the offensive player.

Beating the Spread: If the margin of victory is 5 or less, the loser may collect consolation as if he had played a compromise card.

All-Out War: Both main players must play all their attack cards. Cards are played face down in a stack and revealed simultaneously. Each stack counts as a single attack card equal to the sum of the cards in the stack.

Fog of War: Before revealing challenge cards, but after all other effects, randomly swap the two challenge cards. This may have to net effect.

Better Late Than Never: Both main players must play and reveal challenge cards before asking for allies. After all allies are committed, the challenge totals are calculated.

Mitigated Rewards: No allies can gain a base. All winning allies get rewards of cards or tokens instead.

Spoils of War: The winner of the challenge gets one card (drawn randomly) or one lucre from the losing player for each offensive token (main player only) in the challenge.

If at First You Don't Succeed…: If you lose this challenge, you may take another challenge against the same base, but must use new tokens, cards, etc.