The WARP Z-Edicts



Z-edicts are cards designed to combat the use of a specific edict card. Each new Z-edict is played on an edict, and both cards are discarded.

All zap cards are covered by the Un Zap, an Eon edict from Expansion 8. The Un Zap should be classisfied as a Z-edict and is is suggested that you make another Un zap to balance the new Zaps. "and what stops the use of a Z-edicts", you ask? Why, an Un Zap, of course.

Antidote (Z-Edicts) A serum which combats The Plague before the evil desease spreads too far.

Certificate of Merit (Z-Edicts) What promised to be a great reward is revealed as hollow and empty. Victory Boon is worthless.

Conviction (Z-Edicts) Strong beliefs override any attempt at Emotion Control.

Famine (Z-Edicts) The invaders' rape of the land causes the new Rebirth settlements to starve and fail.

Illusion (Z-Edicts) The sought-for card is just a figment in the imagination of the Finder.

Macroscope (Z-Edicts) The intimidating confusion of the Cosmos destroys Sanity.

Overload (Z-Edicts) Weak fuses cause the Force Field to collapse.

Paradox (Z-Edicts) Some say time is a cycle and events cannot be changed; thus, Timegash is useless.

Rush Hour (Z-Edicts) The mad dash of panicky tokens from the warp jams the Mobius Tubes and Warp Break while they are open.

Sieve (Z-Edicts) Cupped hands make a poor vessel; the cards of the Keeper dribble through his fingers.

Expansion by Jeffrey Field (Space Gamer 66)

See also: Edicts/Artifacts. Elementals are great cards to have Z-edicts appear on.