Nebulas work much the same way as Flares. In fact, they are a combination of Flares and Pulsars. There is a Nebula card for each power in the game, and each card has three values. The first value is a "Con" heading. This gives you an immunity to the power on the card. The "Con" is an ongoing effect, so like Eon Flares, you retain the card, playing it face up in front of you.

The second heading is "Wild." This is a one-shot effect, and you must discard the Nebula if you use it. The "Wild" effect can be played by any player, including the power named on the card.

The third heading is "Super". This is exactly like a Super Flare, in that only the player of the named power can use it. However, it too is like an Eon Flare, and the card is retained when played.

A player holding a Nebula card may use two of the effects on a card (Con and Wild, or Super and Wild), but not during the same challenge. Once the Wild effect is used, the card must be discarded.

Flares and Pulsars should not be used in a game with Nebulas.

Notes: In an effort to combine the best of Eon's Flare style, and that of Mayfair's (plus using the innovative Pulsar effects), we developed Nebulas. This allows you to pack a lot of effects into the game, without having to put a lot of extra cards in. I think it also really revisits the whole spirit of the Flare card. The Eon Flares introduced a very exciting startegic element (cards that are played and kept). However, some of the cards were a lot more powerful than others, and many of the Wilds were much better than the Supers (and if you have the Super, you would have to Cosmic Zap yourself to use the Wild -- something I never cared for). Mayfair tried to bring balance back by making the Flares one-shot, but it essentially turned Flares into Edicts, and again you had the same problem with the Wild usage. The Pulsars were a nice compromise between effects, but it is another card in the deck, and only the cards for powers in the game are added to the deck. You can mix in extra Nebula cards as you would Flares, and still use only the Wild effects.

Gerald Katz has created some Nebulas in Word, complete with timing icons.

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