Lunar Encounter

This is a self contained game using special powers and corresponding moons. There are six sets of two moons. Each set is comprised of a Waxing effect, which is good, and a Waning effect, which is bad. The object of Lunar Encounter is to capture four external bases, and the two moons that match your power. When you have both of your moons, you may cancel the negative effects of the Waning moon.
It is possible to capture both moons of an opposing player, but you are not able to cancel the Waning effects.

The Moons are as follows:

ANGUIS - Waxing
When you ally, add the tokens on this moon to your total.  They are not at

ANGUIS - Waning
Players with planet bases in your system may add those tokens to their total
against you when you are a main player.  Their tokens are not at risk
(unless directly challenged).

CRISIUM - Waxing
When cards are revealed, you may move tokens you have on any moons into the

CRISIUM - Waning
Players may add the number of occupied moons they control to their total
against you when you are a main player.

IMBRIUM - Waxing
You may reflip the Destiny Pile once per challenge if the color that turns
up is a system where you occupy a moon.

IMBRIUM - Waning
Players may challenge you anywhere you have a base when your color turns up
in the Destiny Pile.

As a defensive main player, you may draw a card for each token you have on
this moon (maximum of seven).

You may not have more tokens on any planet or moon than you have on this

NUBIUM - Waxing
Allies defending against you as a main player gain no rewards.

NUBIUM - Waning
Your allies gain no rewards.

UNDARUM - Waxing
You may make an additional challenge each turn, even if you lose one.

UNDARUM - Waning
When you are defensive main player, other players may opt to rechallenge you
with their same tokens if they lose the first challenge.  Discard played
cards and begin the challenge again.

Powers for Lunar Encounter:

Flares for this expansion were written as Nebula Cards.

Expansion by Jack Reda