HazardPlace the Hazard deck to one side of the playing area. These cards ARE NOT shuffled into the regular deck, and never count as part of your hand.

During play, when a player draws a destiny card with a hazard symbol, the player must draw the top card of the hazard deck.

Alliance Place one of your ships from one of your colonies on this card and give it to another player. For the rest of the game, the two of you have an alliance. When either of you is the main player in an encounter, he or she must always invite their ally. [Remains in Play]

Black Hole During this encounter, ships that would be lost to the warp are instead removed from the game entirely. A player cannot have fewer ships left in the game than the number of foreign colonies required to win. Any ships lost that would reduce a player below this number are sent to the warp after all.

The Cosmic Guardian While the Cosmic Guardian is in play, all attack cards higher than 20 are considered to be negotiate cards. Discard the Entropy Beast and the Witness when the Cosmic Guardian enters play. [Remains in Play]

Cosmic Nebula During this encounter, any alien powers that are used are immediately zapped.

Cosmic Upheaval Immediately shuffle all players' hands together and then deal each player back as many cards as he or she had beforehand. No cards may be played in response to this card.

Energy Fields (x2) Each main player draws two cards, showing them to the other players, before allies are invited.

The Entropy Beast While the Entropy Beast is in play, each time a special or wild destiny card is drawn, remove the planet with the most ships on it from the game (offense breaks ties), sending all ships on it to the warp. If a player's home system is reduced below three planets, all players lose the game. Discard the Cosmic Guardian and the Witness when the Entropy Beast enters play. [Remains in Play]

Galactic Council Instead of having a normal encounter, all of the players in the game have three minutes to make a deal. All players must accept the deal or it fails. If the deal fails, all players lose 3 ships to the warp.

It's Full of Stars... (x3) During this encounter, allies may send ships from the warp into the encounter (normal max applies). If the ships survive the encounter, they do not return to the warp.

Meteor Storm (x2) During this encounter, if both main players reveal attack cards, add together the totals of both sides. If the combined total is over 25, a deadly meteor storm is triggered by the fighting, causing both sides to lose, regardless of other game effects.

Mirror Universe (x2) Immediately flip over both the discard pile and the deck. The deck becomes the new discard pile and vice versa. Afterwards, shuffle the new deck.

Odd Way to Win a War (x2) During this encounter, if one main player reveals an odd-numbered attack card and the other reveals an even-numbered attack card, the player who revealed the odd-numbered attack card automatically wins the encounter.

Psychic Switcheroo For the duration of this encounter, the two main players trade powers. This includes everything that goes with a power, such as the Miser's hoard, Industrialist's stack, etc. After the end of the encounter, the main players trade back.

Reverse Rewards (x3) Defensive allies receive a colony if their side wins this encounter, while offensive allies receive defender rewards if their side wins this encounter.

Sargasso Web (x2) During this encounter, any cards played (including encounter cards, flares, artifacts, etc.) are removed from the game after taking effect.

Temporal Anomaly (x3) Play now proceeds in the opposite direction (i.e., if play was passing clockwise, it now proceeds counterclockwise).

The Witness While the Witness is in play, players do not lose their alien powers because they have too few home colonies. Any player who has lost his or her alien power in this manner gets it back while the Witness remains in play. Discard the Entropy Beast and the Cosmic Guardian when the Witness enters play. [Remains in Play]

See also The Warp's Hazards