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warp Hazards

We heard about Hazards from the Newsgroup, so I developed my own set, and special rules for their use. Later I learned that the game play was different for the two Hazard sets, so here is my alternate version. Kudos to Matt Stone on an innovative component idea.

Original Hazards

A separate deck of hazards is required, or you can use a regular deck of cards with a corresponding table of card explanations depending on which card you draw.

Place the Hazard deck to one side of the playing area. These cards ARE NOT shuffled into the regular deck, and never count as part of your hand.

During play, when a player has made a successful first challenge, and wishes to make a second challenge, they must first draw a card from the Hazard Deck. Cards are either Secret, and are only played when appropriate, or they are played immediately. Some Secret cards are worthless.

If you do not wish to print a separate deck of Hazard cards, you may use a deck of normal playing cards and use the chart below.


A. SECRET: ESPIONAGE. Use this card to steal a Secret Hazard held by another player.

2. Your assets have been frozen. You may not use Lucre this turn, unless you trade any flares you hold to your allies for Lucre. They may not use these flares during this challenge.

3. Your Alien Powers have been selected by "The Powers That Be" for spontaneous reincarnation, unless you demonstrate your worth by winning this next challenge. You must defeat your opponent (a deal will not sufficiently impress them) in this challenge, or replace your powers with random ones from the unused power deck.

4. The Warp is sponsoring a Cosmic Lottery. If you have exactly seven tokens in the Warp at the end of this challenge, you may release any or all of them, or draw a card from the deck for each token you do not release.

5. Win, Lose or Draw. If you win this challenge, you may draw one card from the deck for each of your tokens involved in the challenge. If you lose, you must give your opponent one card from your hand at random for each of your tokens in the challenge.

6. Your forces have become susceptible to suggestion. The player to your right may decide which planet or moon you will attack in this next challenge, and who you will invite as allies.

7. Your confidence is going to be your undoing. You are certain you can win this next challenge by playing your lowest attack card. Prove it.

8. You made an error when making reservations with the Hyperspace cone. You informed them that there would be 12 tokens on your side. If you do not have exactly 12 tokens on your side by the time you are ready to play challenge cards, you must forfeit your turn.

9. This challenge is so special that it calls for use of your elite forces. Only tokens from one of your home bases may be used in this challenge. Otherwise you will be unable to proceed.

T. No quarter will be asked, and none given in this challenge. You may not play a compromise card if you have an Attack card.. If you must play a compromise card, no consolation will be given to you.

J. SECRET: You may take any one Attack card that has been discarded. (This card takes precedence over the Space Junk edict. A player attempting to use Space Junk may retain it if you play this card at the same time).

Q. SECRET: WORTHLESS CARD. Just nod to yourself, and hope someone tries to steal this card later.

K. SECRET: When you have the most home bases (ties do not count), you may vacate one of them to establish a base in the system of the player with the fewest home bases (you may pick in case of a tie).


A. SECRET: ESPIONAGE. Use this card to steal a Secret Hazard held by another player.

2. Without economic aid, your tokens abroad will resort to cannibalism. Give a card (and a Lucre) to every player whose system you have a base in, or lose one token on every external base with more than one token.

3. Your tokens will not suffer another humiliating defeat alone. If you lose this challenge, the player on your left must lose an equal number of tokens (in addition to any normal losses).

4. Power outage. Unless you pay ten Lucre to the bank, you may not use your alien power(s) this challenge.

5. The base you challenge has unstable core readings. If the challenge totals over 50 (counting Attack Cards, Kickers, Lucre points, Reinforcements, and other power effects), the planet explodes. Tokens go to the warp, and the base may not be reoccupied.

6. Your system is having domestic difficulties. Unless you return one token from each external base to a home base, you may not make a challenge.

7. Your system is suffering budgeting cuts. Pick three cards from your hand you wish to keep, and discard the rest.

8. Your opponent's reserves are at full capacity. Any Reinforcements he plays are worth double.

9. The Hyperspace Cone has become possessed. You must first challenge it in order to use it for this challenge. Place 1-4 tokens on the cone. Play a challenge card, then take the top card from the deck. Pick until you get a challenge card, discarding the rest. This is the Cone's card. The Cone itself is worth 4 Tokens. Play as a challenge. If you win, only your tokens in this challenge can be used in your actual challenge. If you lose, your tokens go to the Warp, and play passes.

T. The odds of you winning this challenge are 5 to 1. You may pay the bank up to ten Lucre. If you win this challenge, you collect five times what you paid. If you lose, you lose what you paid.

J. SECRET: Your tokens on a home base you share with another player have formed an underground resistance. They are planning a coup. Anytime that player has more external bases than you, you may reveal this card and send those tokens to the Warp.

Q. SECRET: WORTHLESS CARD. Your tokens shop at K-Mart.

K. SECRET: If another player wins the game, you may gain one base for every four tokens you have in the Warp, by taking those tokens and placing them anywhere he has a base. Each base must consist of four of your tokens, only taken from the Warp.


A . SECRET: ESPIONAGE. Use this card to steal a Secret Hazard held by another player.

2. You contracted Cosmic Flu during the last challenge, and have become delirious. Anyone may play a Compromise Card as a Cosmic Zap on you.

3. The player on your right has become a philosophical icon. Unless you bribe him with a Flare from your hand, he will convince all of your tokens in his system to go seek greater truth in the Warp, freeing any of his there.

4. Due to an error in Warp design, any tokens lost in this challenge are permanently eradicated.

5. All zappers have become supercharged. No zap cards may be unzapped during this challenge.

6. Your opponent is having a religious festival. If you gain a base in his system, one of your tokens from every base you share with him will be sacrificed to his bloodthirsty gods.

7. Your moon forces are restless. In order to make a challenge, you must vacate a moon and use those tokens in the challenge.

8. Your alien race has become disreputable. You must bribe any allies you invite with cards from your hand or Lucre. They may still decline.

9. The Black Market pays well for arms. You may trade any Reinforcements you hold for random Flares from the unused Flare deck.

T. Your supply deliveries were mixed up. You must discard your hand. Each player must give you a card of their choice from their hand. Continue the challenge with your new supplies.

J. SECRET: One of your opponent's tokens in your system is a double-agent. When you reveal this card, the player must either show you his hand, or send that token to the Warp.

Q. SECRET: WORTHLESS CARD. Your tokens are all Hybrid Inbreeds.

K. SECRET: You have developed a powerful drug that triples the value of your tokens. However, it has a side effect of utterly destroying the tokens. When you play this card, your tokens are each worth triple their normal value, but after the challenge is resolved the tokens are voided without gaining rewards.


A. SECRET: ESPIONAGE. Use this card to steal a Secret Hazard held by another player. On their turn they may trade this card with any other player but you.

2. The International Cosmic Treaty Organization (ICTO) has declared a period of compensatory warfare. Whoever wins this challenge must either pay three Lucre to the bank for each card remaining in their hand, or discard their entire hand.

3. Your transmitters won't turn off. If you make a challenge outside of your system, it is on an open frequency, allowing all other players to see your hand.

4. Your opponent's scientists are trying to develop superier Warp technology. If your opponent wins this challenge, all of his tokens will be freed from the Warp. If you win, everyone but your opponent may free their tokens.

5. The base you challenge is occupied by a primitive culture. Edicts and Flares have no effect on them, unless you give your opponent one of each so that they can learn about them.

6. A mutating virus has enveloped your opponent's system. Any player strong enough to survive it's effects (and the next challenge) generates another Alien Power (drawn randomly). Only players involved in the challenge are exposed to the virus.

7. The Cosmic Census Bureau has you under investigation. According to your forms, every player has a base in your system. If you don't immediately comply with your allegations, you will be forced to discard your hand (and all of your Lucre), ending your turn.

8. Peace demonstrators in your system demand a reduction in arms. Throw away your highest Attack Card, or eliminate the peaceniks (lose two tokens from any base in your system).

9. Intrasystem communications are down. You may only attack with tokens from external bases.

T. Your colonies are failing. They need more personnel. Arrange your tokens so that all external bases have at least four of your tokens on them, or you must vacate the base.

J. SECRET: Replace any Compromise played by any player with a Challenge Card from your hand.

Q. SECRET: WORTHLESS CARD - Your tokens are all gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

K. SECRET: The meek shall inherit the universe. If you have no powers, no external bases, and thirteen tokens (exactly) in the Warp- you win. If not, hold this card until you do.

Expansion by Matt Stone. Deck modified by Jack Reda

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