Warp and Reverse Warps
The WARP Warp and Reverse Warps

The Warp and Reverse Warps

Warp The Warp, of course, is the Hex with the black hexagon (or circle) in the center. This is where tokens which were on the losing side of a challenge go. It is a temporary holding facility for "dead" tokens. There are also many other ways tokens can get sent here.

The most common way to retreive your tokens is at the start of each of your challenges. You may draw a single token out in this phase. The token may go to any base where you already have tokens, or it may go directly onto the offensive end of the Hyperspace Cone.

The Praw

Praw The Praw is a subsection of the Warp. In the EON version of CE, Expansion 9 came with a Reverse Hex design for the Warp. It depicts a smaller Warp attached to the main one.
When a certain number of tokens were in the warp, they would get "sucked down" into the praw. The number for "critical mass" is X times 3, where X equals the number of players in the game. At the start of each challenge, the offensive player may opt to either raise a token out of the Warp, or one from the Praw to the Warp. Naturally, this creates the opportunity to sacrifice your own token rising out of the Praw in order to "suck down" all the tokens already in the Warp.

The presence of the Praw is a constant inducement to players to get their tokens out of the Warp quickly.

Praw Variant

A more controlled version of the Praw calls for 4 times the number of players to activate a "Warp Dump" (rather than X times 3).

Additionally, if the offensive Main Player is making a second challenge, he or she may opt to take a token directly from the Praw and place it on their own base (as opposed to taking one directly from the Warp). On this second challenge, the Main Player may NOT move a token from the Praw to the Warp (and thereby cause a Warp Dump).

The Inverted Praw

When tokens die, they go to the Praw. All references to "Warp" in power descriptions should be read as "Praw" except Warpish, who counts the tokens in both the Warp and the Praw.

From the Praw, they must first move to the Warp before returning to bases. Tokens never move from the Warp to the Praw; i.e., there is no "flushing" effect.

At the beginning of your challenge, you may either move a token from the Warp to a base or move a token from the Praw to the Warp.

When a Mobius Tubes is played, all the tokens in the Warp return to bases and all the tokens in the Praw go to the Warp. Warp breaks work the same way except only one color of tokens is affected.

From Patrick Riley

The Fan

Fan The Fan is the Reverse Hex developed by Mayfair. It depicts the Warp with a peacock-looking array of the colors in the basic set of CE.
The Fan represents a limbo where tokens go temporarily on their way to the Warp. While in this limbo, tokens are inaccessible to players, immune even from Mobius Tubes and other Edicts. All tokens lost in a challenge go onto the same fan section, regardless of the colors of those tokens. Use only the sections of the colors in play.
A marker of some kind should be placed on the Fan section of the same color as the player making the first challenge. At the end of each challenge, place all tokens lost to the Warp into that Fan section, and move the indicator to the next section clockwise. On each subsequent challenge, put lost tokens into the next Fan section and move the indicator.
On each flip of the Destiny Pile, some tokens may slide from the limbo Fan section into the Warp itself. , and then be available for retrieval. If the Destiny Card shows a Reverse Cone, no tokens move from the Fan to the Warp. If the Destiny Card shows the normal Hyperspace Cone, however, move all tokens from the Fan section of the chosen card's color into the Warp. When the Wild card comes up, the color the offensive player chooses to attack determines which Fan color slides into the Warp.

Alternate Fan

Players start the game by placing 0-4 of their tokens into the Fan section that corresponds to their token color. Whenever they are the offensive Main Player, they may opt to move a token from the Warp to the Fan, in lieu of taking one out of the Warp.
Throughout the game, whenever there is a game effect that causes a player to lose tokens to the Warp, they may opt to send them from the Fan instead (on a one for one basis). Tokens in the Fan are immune to any other game effects.
Note: Only regular tokens may be placed into the Fan. Tokens effects (such as Symbiote, Vampire, Fungus, etc.) may not be placed into the Fan.

From Jack Reda