The WARP Vortex



Inspired by the double function Rift cards from Cosmic Incursion (that penalize a player who takes them from another player's hand), I created another dual-function card, with a more intimidating penalty.


A set of cards called Vortex cards.


Shuffle the Vortex card(s) into the encounter deck, the rewards deck, or both.


The Vortex card has two different functions. If a player is holding the Vortex and must draw a new hand, he may play the Vortex first and keep up to the number of cards indicated that would otherwise be discarded (non-encounter cards). Then a full hand of eight cards is drawn.

The other function of the Vortex is if the card is taken through compensation or other effect. In this case, the player that takes the Vortex must lose the speficied number of his or her own ships, removing them from the game. The Vortex is then discarded.

See also Rifts and Rewards Deck.

Variant by Jack Reda