Three Player Cosmic Encounter
The WARP Three Player Cosmic Encounter


Three Player "Dummy" Cosmic Encounter

In my group o' CE addicts, we occasionally can only muster 3 players for a game, but we don't like the dynamics of a straight three player game. I thought others out there might find this a fun variant:

Besides the three players, there is a "dummy" player (with their own system, and powers, and hand, etc.). The dummy player is played by the person to the right of the main (offensive) player. When it is the dummy's turn to be main player, the other players bid for the privilege of playing the dummy with Challege Cards (High card takes it.) Whoever is playing the dummy currently can look at the cards, hidden powers, moons, etc, but they are not revealed to the group at large until *they* get to play the dummy.

Certain powers cannot be played by the dummy, admittedly: Queue is right out, as well as Schizoid and Terrorist.

Variant by Jane Patterson, Eric Tilton, and/or Nigel Kerr