The game Wiz-War has a card type called "Stones" which reminded me of Eon-style Flares, and gave me an idea for incorporating them into a Mayfair-style game of CE.

A set of cards called Theurgy cards.

Shuffle one Theurgy card for each player into the Destiny deck. (Not recommended for 3 or fewer players)

These are cards that give you special abilities and bonuses for as long as you hold them. When it is your turn and you flip one up from the Destiny Pile, immediately play it in front of you face up. Draw again to determine the system.
Only one Theurgy card may be held by a player at any time. If a new one is drawn it immediately replaces the previous one. Theurgy cards are still considered part of your hand, and can be claimed as consolation, traded in a deal, or purchased with Lucre (however, it is not subject to a Finder Edict).
Once you run out of Challenge Cards or must draw a new hand for any reason, the Theurgy cards are discarded into the Destiny Pile (except when you play a Keeper edict). Discarded Theurgy cards may be picked up with a Space Junk. Players may play Destiny Zap at any time on someone with a Theurgy card, forcing them to discard it.

Theurgy Card (Art by Carl Park)

The following are the different types of Theurgy cards (1 per deck):

Hyperspace You may place 1 extra token into the cone (above your normal limit).
Token You lose 1 less token as a result of a lost challenge or deal (remaining tokens return to base).
Warp Free 1 of your tokens each time you send other players' tokens to the Warp.
Lucre Lucre costs are reduced by one (except in prices set by other players in a deal).
Edict You may replay 1 Edict (keep it face up next to your Theurgy card until it is replayed).
Flare You may replay 1 Flare (keep it face up next to your Theurgy card until it is replayed).

Note: When using the Flare and/or Edict Theurgy cards, the played cards are kept face up until they are replayed, at which point they are discarded. The cards are still considered part of your hand, and are subject to loss.

These cards are available in PDF format here.

New Edict:

ABSORB: Take a Theurgy card from any one player and place it in front of you. Play between challenges.

Expansion by Jack Reda