Destint Pile Additions
8 Armistice Cards (.pdf format)
2 Armistice Cards and 6 Theurgy Cards (.pdf format)

Encounter Magazine
Encounter 1.1 (.pdf format)
Encounter 1.2 (.pdf format)
Encounter 1.3 (.pdf format)
Encounter 2.1 (.pdf format)
Encounter 2.2 (.pdf format)
Courtesy of Bill Olmesdahl

Eon Rules
Rules (.pdf format)
Appendices (.pdf format)

Expansion Cards
Mayfair Pulsars (.doc format)
Gerald Katz Pulsars (.doc format)
Mayfair Nebulas (.doc format)
Gerald Katz Nebulas (.doc format)
Courtesy of Gerald Katz

These are the Post Script instructions for printing out materials (Powers, Cards, etc). They were originally presented by Ken Cox, and much has been altered by Marcus Porter. Eventually I will get together with Marcus and we will formally post all of the Post Script versions of all the expansions. For now, here are a few, and hopefully, you can figure out how to substitute and dabble.

Here are some of the files:

This section is soon to be OVERHAULED in a serious way. You will be able to print all of the expansions in various formats (whichever works best for you)- Many people are working on this, and if you or someone you know would like to assist in any way, please let me know: