The WARP Rogues


In an effort to find ways of making Lucre more interesting and useful (and to find something to do with the countless extra tokens I had aquired), I developed the Rogues expansion.

One set of tokens of a color not in play.

Use the extra tokens of a color not in use and distribute them evenly among all the players. Any excess tokens go into the Warp. The players may place their new tokens on any of their occupied bases in any amounts.

Throughout the game, if a player is challenged on a base that has Rogues on it, these tokens may count for his side if he pays the bank one Lucre per token. When making a challenge, the offensive player may bring any Rogue tokens he has on a base along with his regular tokens (from the same bases) for the same amount of Lucre. The limit is still four tokens, but they can be in any ratio of normal tokens and Rogue ones (as long as the Rogue tokens come from a base that the regular tokens come from, and there is at least one regular token).

If a player using Rogues loses his tokens, they go to the Warp.

When raising a token each challenge, they may raise a Rogue instead of their regular token, or if they have no tokens in the Warp. All Rogues in the Warp are open to any player.

If players share a base that also has Rogue tokens, any player may use them (i.e. they belong to whomever they're with). Rogues do not count for consolation. They may be used in moon challenges. If a moon has only Rogues left on it, the moon is still considered occupied. However, any player may challenge the moon as if it is unoccupied.

If Mobius tubes is played, all Rogues in the Warp are passed out like the beginning of the game, starting with whoever played the edict. Warp Break may be played on the Rogues instead of a players regular tokens who collects all the Rogues in the Warp.

Optional Rule: Rogues may be raised from the Warp (or Praw) two at a time.

Expansion by Jack Reda