Planet Killer
The WARP Planet Killer


Planet Killer

Many generations ago, when the Cosmos was even more warlike than it is now, an unknown group created a massive device that was meant to bring an end to conflict. Known only as the Planet Killer, it activates when conflict escalates to a certain point. Programmed to seek out the source of destructive forces, it targets planets where great battles occur, and obliterates them.

A game piece that will fit in a system hex, or in the playing area near a player's planets.

At the start of the game, the Planet Killer is kept off to one side. It is not actively in the game until certain conditions exist.

The Planet Killer is only brought into a game when the totals in an encounter reach 42 points or higher (counting attack cards, ships, reinforcements, power effects and anything else). When this happens, at the end of the encounter, place the Planet Killer in the system where the encounter just took place. It stays in this system until an encounter reaches 42 or higher in a different system. If that happens, use the same procedure as above.

Once the Planet Killer is in a player's system, if a subsequent encounter totals 35 or more, once the encounter is resolved, the Planet Killer destroys the targeted planet (and any ships on it). The planet and ships are removed from the game.

The only way to remove the Planet Killer from the game is to attack it. Once it is in a system, a player may attack if if that system's color comes up in Destiny. Point the Hyperspace Gate at the Planet Killer, and invite allies as normal. In order to defeat the Planet Killer, the encounter total must be 42 or higher. The Planet Killer itself is worth zero points - therefore the attacking player (and allies) are responsible for all 42 points on their own. If they win the encounter, all attacking ships return to colonies, and the encounter is considered successful. The Planet Killer is removed from the game permanenetly.

Expansion by Jack Reda