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The new Cosmic Encounter from Fantasy Flight Games is out now, so go get it. Check out our reviews to see how it rates with the other versions.

There are also new aliens for Tech (a new expansion added to CE in the FFG version).


Now over 800 powers in the Warp database, with a power name search. Powers now will have timing phase, experience rating, and category type (Combat, Resource, etc). Also added some variants from the Newsgroup that weren't already on The Warp: Inverse Praw, Three Player "Dummy" CE, Dimensional Shift, Defensive Shared Risk.


The Warp database now has Cosmic Encounter Online aliens in the database. Click on the Power of the Day Link or go to New Powers, and search by author or origin.


After a short down time to switch servers, The Warp is back online, and I have added some new items (from Encounter magazine of ages past): Pyrrhic Victory, Overkill, and Sudden Death. Some new powers, moons, and Edicts from old Encounters will be added over the next few weeks. I'll be trying to get the power database cleaned up and back in order soon too.


I just added my own review of the Avalon Hill (AH) version of Cosmic Encounter.

Feb/18/2001: has some screen prototype layouts (no real graphics yet) of the new shockwave Cosmic Online.


The Warp is soliciting player reviews of the new Avalon Hill version of Cosmic Encounter. Please send your reviews to, and I will start to compile them.


The new Avalon Hill version of Cosmic Encounter is available through the site


Avalon Hill has some info for the new CE on their website:


Some changes you can expect in the new edition of CE... The Destiny Pile is again a set of discs. They renamed it Colonization Orders - Orders for short. Edicts will now be called Artifacts. Hyperspace cone is replaced by The Mother ship, which holds your little ships; allied ships go in the wings - defensive allies use their own private carriers to line up out side the defensive planet.


According to Avalon Hill's Calendar, Sep 15 2000 is the Cosmic Encounter Game Release Date.


Aliens for the Avalon Hill edition of CE look to be:
Amoeba Anti-matter Chronos Clone Empath Filch Healer Laser Macron Mind Mutant Oracle Pacifist Parasite Philanthropist Sorcerer Trader Virus Vulch Zombie


Here is what the new edition of Cosmic Encounter is going to look like:

. Will this change people's minds about waiting to buy?


Cameron McKinney has a Cosmic Encounter mailing list. If you'd like to join, please go to , register, and then point your browser to to set your subscription settings.


Mayfair is doing a "Supreme Cosmic" game which includes More Cosmic and Simply Cosmic, some extra spare parts, and a bunch of blank cards to create your own complete Cosmic set. They are also selling 54 blank card decks for $4 each. This is their final clearance on CE material. The price for the package is around $60.


Peter Olotka says the Hasbro/AV edition is shaping up to be pretty cool, and pictures will appear on shortly. Also, a move to advance the CE online edition may be in the near future.


Avalon Hill is planning to publish Cosmic Encounter in the board game format. They should have it ready some time this summer.


Peter Olotka is trying to organize a Cosmic Programmers Guild of some sort to entice volunteer help to get CE Online moving again. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact him at