New Moons
The WARP New Moons


New Moons

New Moons are Moon cards that are shuffled into the encounter deck after initial hands are dealt. Add 2 moons per player.

When a player draws one, he places it face down in any player's system (including his own). Only two moons may be placed in a player's system. Moon effects only take place when a player is occupying a moon. Follow normal moon rules.

Variants include playing the moons face up when they are played, allowing more than 2 moons per system, and including moons in the deck before cards are dealt (then starting with the first player and moving clockwise, players place moons that were drawn at game start).

Assurance Moon When asking for allies, if you have more than one encounter card, you must announce which encounter card you do not intend to player (naming its value).

Bond Moon If you are invited to ally with the player whose system this moons is in, you must accept and ally with as many ships (up to 4) as are on this moon.

Dominate Moon If a player occupies all moons (at least two) in the game, it counts as having another foreign colony (regardless of where the moons exist).

Dump Left Moon Each player must pass a card from his or her hand to the player on the left during each Regroup.

Exception Moon During each player's Regroup, instead of retrieving a ship from the Warp, all other players may retrieve one of their ships from the Warp, returning it to a home colony.

Exodus Moon During each player's Regroup, instead of retrieving a ship from the Warp, he or she must move a ship from a foreign colony to a home colony (or to the Warp if no home colonies exist).

Fortify Moon The offense may not have more ships in the encounter than the defense (including allies). If there are more, the offensive player must remove ships from the hyperspace gate to equal the number of ships defending. If no ships remain on offense, the encounter ends as a loss for the offensive player.

Foundation Moon No player can win the game unless he or she occupies all home colonies as well as the conditions necessary to win.

Genesis Moon During each player's Regroup, instead of retrieving a ship from the Warp, he or she draws a card from the deck and chooses any other player to give that card to.

Hazard Moon You must draw a Hazard at the start of all of your encounters.

Inverted Invite Moon The defense invites before the offense. Players accept or decline invitations counter-clockwise from the defensive main player.

Limited Fate Moon The offense draws two cards from the Destiny deck and chooses which one to use. The other card is shuffled back into the deck. Dictator chooses the two cards to present to the offense.

Refresh Moon Whenever you lose an encounter, draw a new hand of eight cards.

Regroup Reward Moon If you have no ships in the Warp during Regroup, you may draw a card from the Reward deck.

Reverse Rewards Moon As an ally, your rewards are reversed. In a normal encounter, you receive defender rewards for winning as an offensive ally. As a winning defensive ally, you receive a colony on the defending planet.

Sacrifice Moon During each player's Regroup, instead of retrieving a ship from the Warp, he or she has to remove one of their ships from the game.

Snare Moon You may not voluntarily remove ships from this moon. You must continue to occupy it until you lose it to an attacker or your ships are removed by another player by some effect.

Tripler Deuce Moon If a player occupies exactly two home colonies, two foreign colonies, and two moon colonies, he or she wins the game.

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Expansion by Jack Reda