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Lucre Reward Cards

Lucre Reward Card (Art by Jack Reda)This variant involves shuffling in a number of Lucre reward cards into a normal Reward deck. When a player gains Lucre Reward cards, he acquires additional ways to earn and/or spend Lucre.

The cards are based on Lucre powers (both old and fan made). The Lucre cards work like powers (and also like flares). You do not discard a Lucre card after playing it- it goes back in your hand at the end of the encounter. You may only play one Lucre card per turn. Any player can Cosmic Zap a Lucre card (and then it IS discarded).

00 - Use the power of Resources. When you buy cards, you may buy directly from the Rewards deck.

Abbot - Use the power to Grant Sanctuary. Whenever another player loses ships to the Warp, you may offer for one or more Lucre to allow him to replace those ships on a colony you share with him.

Asset - Use the power of Capital. You may use an attack card valued from 1-6 as Lucre. If paying to the bank, the card is discarded. If paying a player, give him or her the card. Any change due is paid Lucre. You may spend regular Lucre with the card.

Beast - Use the power to Feed. At the end of a player's Regroup, if you have more ships in the Warp than he or she does, you may remove one of their ships from the game. If that player gives you a Lucre, you may not eliminate the ship.

Beggar - Use the power to Leech. If you are not a main player, before cards are played, you may ask one of the two main players in the encounter for Lucre. If he or she can't or won't give it to you, you may take a card at random from his or her hand.

Blaze - Use the power to Ignite. You may pay 6 Lucre to buy a random Flare from the unused Flare deck.

Builder - Use the power to Renovate. You may spend 8 Lucre to replace your alien power with a random one at the start of any player's turn.

Boardwalk - Use the power of Renting. At the start of your turn, each player must pay you one Lucre if they have a colony in your system. If they are unable or unwilling to pay, you may "evict" their ships from one colony in your system (going back to their colonies outside your system, or to the Warp if they have no other colonies outside your home system).

Clergy - Use the power of Tithe. When another player makes a Lucre payment for anything over 1 Lucre, you receive half (rounding up).

Collector - Use the power to Tax. When another player plays an Artifact, he or she must give you 3 Lucre. If they are unable or unwilling, the Artifact may not be played. A player does not need to pay you to Cosmic Zap this card.

Compromise - Use the power of Consolation. When receiving compensation, you may take some or all of it in the form of Lucre from your opponent.

Conquistador - Use the power to Loot. When you win an encounter as offensive player and the defensive player loses a colony as a result, you receive one half of that player's Lucre (round up).

Dole - Use the power of Welfare. In an encounter in which you are neither a main player nor an ally, after cards are played and before they are revealed, you may take the Lucre of the two main players and divide it equally between them. If the total amount of Lucre is odd, you keep the one extra Lucre for yourself.

Lucre Reward Card (Art by Jack Reda)Dragon - Use the power of Treasure. When another player buys cards or ships, he or she pays the Lucre to you instead of to the bank.

Economist - Use the power of Inflation. Lucre costs for the encounter are 1 more than normal for all players except you.

Embezzler - Use the power to Pilfer. When you would receive Lucre from the bank, you may instead take the Lucre from any player. If the player you are taking it from does not have enough Lucre to pay you, you may not take the balance from the bank.

Employee - Use the power to Be Hired. If both main players invite you to ally, they must pay you Lucre. You may negotiate the amount of Lucre and the number of your ships to be involved. If neither offers you any Lucre, you collect 1 from the bank.

Entrepreneur - Use the power to Invest. You may commit Lucre instead of some or all of your ships in an encounter (not to exceed four ships and/or Lucre). If your side wins, double the amount of invested Lucre. If you lose, that Lucre goes to the bank.

Extortionist - Use the power to Extort. When a player takes cards into his or her hand for any reason, you may take half of those cards (rounding down), unless that player pays you one Lucre for each card you would take (before cards are taken).

Fleece - Use the power to Swindle. At the start of any player's encounter, you may take a Lucre from that player, one from your pile, and one from the bank. If that player wins his or her encounter, they get the Lucre. If they lose, you get it.

Forager - Use the power to Rummage. When another player must discard cards from hand, you may buy any or all of those cards for 2 Lucre each. Payment goes to the bank.

Gnome - Use the power of Wealth. As a main player in an encounter, you may add one-third (rounding up) of your Lucre to your attack total without sending it to the bank.

Goon - Use the power to Threaten. At the start of your turn, rather than flipping the Destiny deck, you announce a Lucre amount players must pay you to ensure they are not attacked. You may choose whom to attack from any players that do not pay (even attacking a player on a colony he has outside his home system). If all players pay your protection fee, your turn ends.

Gremlin - Use the power of Malice. As a main player, you may take 2 cards at random from your opponent's regular hand and exchange them with any 2 cards from the discard pile. He or she may pay you a Lucre to make you pick the cards at random.

Harpy - Use the power to Cling - You may pay 3 Lucre to put an Artifact you played back into your hand instead of discarding it. It may not be played again this encounter.

Hood - Use the power to Rob. As a winning main player, you may steal half the Lucre of your opponent (rounding down). You then must divide the spoils between yourself and the player with the least amount of Lucre (other than your opponent). If you are the player with the least amount of Lucre you receive it all. If there is a tie for least amount, divide the poor share between the poor players (you get any remainder).

Hurtz - Use the power to Lease. When not involved in an encounter, you may turn over 2 unused alien powers and 2 unused Flares at random. Any player may lease any or all of your items for that encounter if they agree to your price in Lucre. At the end of the encounter, all items are removed from the game and may not be leased again (whether they were used or not).

IRS - Use the power to Tax. At the start of your turn, rather than collecting Lucre from the bank, you may designate any or all other players to provide your income from their Lucre. No player can be forced to pay more than 2 Lucre. If other players do not have enough Lucre, collect the rest from the bank.

Kingmaker - Use the power to Influence. When not involved in an encounter, you may spend Lucre to add points to one side.

Junker - Use the power to Recoup. Instead of retrieving a ship from the warp during Regroup, you may take 1 Lucre from the bank.

Lawyer - Use the power to Sue. You may force a player to pay you 1 Lucre for every ship you lose to the Warp, 2 Lucre for every ship lost to another player's control, or 4 Lucre for every ship permanently removed from the game. If a player does not have enough Lucre, get it from the bank.

Leprechaun - Use the power to Deposit. During the Destiny phase, place 1 Lucre from the bank on any planet in the system indicated by the Destiny card. On a wild destiny, you must choose a planet in the system the offensive player chooses. If the offense successfully attacks the planet where you placed the Lucre, that player gains the Lucre. Otherwise, you gain the Lucre.

Liquidator - Use the power to Dissolve. At the start of any player's turn, you may sell a non-encounter card from your hand for 3 Lucre from the bank. The card is discarded.

Lloyd - Use the power to Insure. You may offer to insure any other player's assets (Lucre, alien power, ships, cards, etc.) for an immediate fee which you specify. If you insure a power, it cannot be zapped during the encounter. If you insure ships, they return to colonies. If you insure cards, they are kept instead of being discarded or lost to compensation. Insured cards may only be played once per encounter.

Lottery - Use the power of Odds. You may place one of your encounter cards face down out of play with 1 or more Lucre on the card. If another player reveals that same card as a main player in the encounter, you win the amount of Lucre you placed out of play from the bank, and gain your out of play Lucre and card back as well. If the card is not revealed, your card and Lucre are discarded.

Lucretia - Use the power of Expulsion. As a main player, you may discard all of your Lucre (if you have at least 1), and your opponent must also discard all of his Lucre. No Lucre may be spent when you play this card.

Mathematician - Use the power of Product. You may spend Lucre as if it were a kicker. Place the spent Lucre next to your face down encounter card. When you reveal the card, multiply its value by the number of Lucre you spent.

Midas - Use the power of Gold. You may send one of your ships to the Warp and collect 1 Lucre for it.

OS - Use the power to Reboot. You may spend 5 Lucre to skip to the next card in the Destiny deck.

Pawnbroker - Use the power of Storage. You may give either main player 2 Lucre and then take that player's face down encounter card. The player must give you 4 Lucre before the Reveal phase to put the card back, otherwise you keep it, and the player is considered to have played an attack 00.

Pirate - Use the power to Raid. As a main player, you may declare the attack to be a Lucre raid rather than a normal encounter. Your opponent's Lucre is the target, not a colony. Your opponent still plays an encounter card, but adds the amount of Lucre he or she has to the totals, and none of the Lucre may be spent. If you win, take all of the Lucre, and pay 1 to each of your allies.

Plan B - Use the power of Contingency. You may pay 3 Lucre to replace an encounter card you revealed with a different one from your hand. The original card goes back into your hand.

Profiteer - Use the power of Scarcity. Instead of taking cards from the deck or ships from the Warp, you may take the same number of Lucre from the bank.

Safe - Use the power to Stash. When drawing a new hand, you may pay 1 Lucre per card you have to discard to keep it, then draw a new eight card hand normally. This card returns to your new hand (and need not be paid for).

Sanction - Use the power to Enable. Main players may spend Lucre to add points to their encounter total. Lucre spent in this manner goes to you (unless some other card or ability allows a player to spend Lucre to add points).

Sentry - Use the power to Guard. When another player tries to remove ships from the Warp, if you have ships there as well, you may force that player to pay you 1 Lucre. If the player is unable or unwilling to pay, he or she may not remove any ships from the Warp.

Snob - Use the power to Exact. When buying cards as a main player, if you do not like the cards you bought, you may give some or all of them to your opponent.

Source - Use the power to Power. You may stop a player from using his or her power unless they give you 1 Lucre. If that player gives you 3 Lucre, their power may not be zapped.

Suborn - Use the power to Bribe. After allies commit, you may offer 1 or more Lucre to any opposing ally to switch sides. If the player accepts your offer, his or her ships join your side, even if they weren't invited before.

Taxi - Use the power to Transport. You may pay 1 Lucre to move any or all of your ships any way you like between colonies you occupy.

Troll - Use the power of Tolls. As a main player, opposing allies must each pay you 1 Lucre, or they may not ally.

Union - Use the power of Scale. Main players (other than you) must pay pay each of their allies 1 Lucre, or else they may not ally.

Welfare - Use the power of Poverty. Instead of receiving Lucre from the bank at the start of your turn, each player must give you 1 Lucre, except for the player (other than you) with the most Lucre, who must give you 2. In case of a tie, all players with the most Lucre must give you 2.

Wholesale - Use the power of Purchasing. When you would draw cards from the deck, you may spend 1 Lucre per card to draw from the Reward deck instead (commit to a number and pay before drawing).

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Expansion by Jack Reda