Element Encounter

This is a self-contained four player version of CE that requires specific powers.


The four elements of the universe are Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Each element has an opposite that renders it impotent, but when facing the other two it can create terrible destruction.

Additional Equipment:

Use the four Element Encounter powers described below.


Each alien in Element Encounter is actually two powers. Each power is only used when facing a specific opponent. The third opponent is the alien's opposite, which you are powerless against. Additionally, each power affects one opponent as a Main Player, and the other as an ally.

For example. Fire has a power he can only use against Air as a Main Player, and another power he can only use against Earth as an ally. When facing Water, neither Fire nor Water has a power they can use against one another.

Fire is opposite Water, and Earth is opposite Air.

Powers for Element Encounter:

Variant by Jack Reda