Cosmic Duels
The WARP Cosmic Duels


Cosmic Duels

This expansion is designed for games with multiple powers.

After turning over the Destiny Pile, rather than making a second challenge, the player whose turn it is may engage their opponent in a power duel.

The challenging player selects one of his powers, and then selects one of his opponent's powers (the opponent must either be the one indicated by Destiny, or if the offensive player selected his own system, he may only duel a player who has a base in his system).

Each player selects 1 to 4 of his tokens from any bases and puts them in front of himself. Both players then choose Challenge cards and proceed as if making a normal challenge, with the following exceptions:

- No alliances are allowed
- No player that is uninvolved may interfere with the duel in any way
- Powers may not be Cosmic Zapped or negated in any way
- Moon effects are ignored

The player that loses the duel also loses use of the power he used in the duel for the rest of the game.

If a player Compromises, rather than accepting consolation, that player gives his losing power to his opponent for the rest of the game.

Both players return their tokens to bases after the duel has concluded (no tokens go to The Warp as a result of the duel).

Ties go to the defense as usual.

Variant by Jack Reda