Forbidden Combos

Use the following chart as a guide for not using certain powers in combination (or for deciding what powers to use when playing "Forbidden Combo" style of play). Powers that do not appear on the chart can be used with any other power. Powers with prohibitions against use with other powers are still in effect for use against that other power, but the two can be used in combination unless they appear on the chart. An X indicates that the powers should not be used together because of conflicting mechanics of inherent confusion or ambiguity. A P indicates that the powers are abnormally powerful in combination and should probably not be used together. A W indicates that one power partially steals the other's thunder and therfore the two should probably not be used together. When two powers appear that should not be used together of against one another, use the first one exposed and draw again for the second one.
Powers in italics are from the Internet.

Amoeba Entrepreneur (X)
Macron (W)
Anti-Matter Deuce (W)
Gnome (W)
Implosion (W)
Phantom (W)
Virus (X)
Warpish (W)
Aristocrat Doppelganger (W)
Arnold Zombie (P)
Atrophy Trader (W)
Aura Mind (W)
Visionary (P)
Berserker Cult (X)
Deuce (X)
Empath (X)
Pacifist (W)
Blitzkrieg Deuce (W)
Boomerang Dictator (P)
Siren (P)
Busybody Demon (P)
Prophet (P)
Calculator Oracle (P)
Cavalry Parasite (P)
Chosen Chronos (X)
Chronos Chosen (X)
Clone Machine (P)
Miser (P)
Pacifist (P)
Connoisseur Doppelganger (X)
Counterfeiter Empath (X)
Ninja (X)
Pacifist (X)
Crystal Juggernaut (X)
Cult Berserker (X)
Demon Busybody (P)
Paladin (X)
Macron (X)
Deuce Anti-Matter (W)
Berserker (X)
Blitzkrieg (W)
Loser (W)
Dictator Boomerang (P)
Siren (W)
Doppelganger Aristocrat (W)
Connoisseur (X)
Machine (P)
Mesmer (P)
Philanthropist (W)
Prolong (W)
Reserve (W)
Wastrel (W)
Empath Berserker (X)
Counterfeiter (X)
Pacifist (X)
Enigma Laser (X)
Entrepreneur Amoeba (X)
Filch Machine (P)
Filth Gorgon (W)
Spiff (X)
Toxin (W)
Fungus Vampire (X)
Void (X)
Warpish (W)
Gambler Silencer (P)
Gemini Macron (P)
Ghost Virus (P)
Warpish (W)
Zombie (W)
Gnome Anti-Matter (W)
Gorgon Filth (W)
Grief Zombie (W)
Illuminati Visionary (P)
Implosion Anti-Matter (W)
Jaunt Zombie (W)
Judge Machine (P)
Juggernaut Crystal (X)
Laser Oracle (X)
Enigma (X)
Pavlov (X)
Visionary (X)
Loser Deuce (W)
Machine Clone (P)
Doppelganger (P)
Filch (P)
Judge (P)
Mutant (P)
Prolong (W)
Macron Amoeba (W)
Demon (X)
Gemini (P)
Phantom (P)
Symbiote (P)
Mesmer Doppelganger (P)
Vulch (P)
Mind Aura (W)
Visionary (P)
Mirror Oracle (P)
Miser Clone (P)
Mutant Machine (P)
Ninja Counterfeiter (X)
Empath (X)
Pacifist (X)
Obverse Oracle (P)
Oracle Calculator (P)
Laser (X)
Mirror (P)
Obverse (P)
Sorcerer (P)
Pacifist Berserker (W)
Counterfeiter (X)
Clone (P)
Empath (X)
Paladin Demon (X)
Parasite Cavalry (P)
Zombie (P)
Pavlov Laser (X)
Visionary (P)
Phantom Anti-Matter (W)
Macron (P)
Virus (P)
PhilanthropistDoppelganger (W)
Prolong Doppelganger (W)
Machine (W)
Prophet Busybody (P)
Reserve Doppelganger (W)
Schizoid Silencer (P)
Silencer Gambler (P)
Schizoid (P)
Siren Boomerang (P)
Dictator (W)
Virus (P)
Sorcerer Oracle (P)
Spiff Filth (X)
Sting Vacuum (W)
Zombie (W)
Symbiote Macron (P)
Vacuum (P)
Virus (P)
Toxin Filth (W)
Trader Atrophy (W)
Visionary (P)
Wastrel (W)
Vacuum Sting (W)
Symbiote (P)
Zombie (W)
Vampire Fungus (X)
Void (W)
Virus Anti-Matter (X)
Ghost (P)
Phantom (P)
Siren (P)
Symbiote (P)
Warpish (P)
Visionary Aura (P)
Illuminati (P)
Laser (X)
Mind (P)
Pavlov (P)
Trader (P)
Void Fungus (X)
Vampire (W)
Vulch Mesmer (P)
Warpish Anti-Matter (W)
Fungus (W)
Ghost (W)
Virus (P)
Wastrel Doppelganger (W)
Trader (W)
Zombie Arnold (P)
Ghost (W)
Grief (W)
Jaunt (W)
Parasite (P)
Sting (W)
Vacuum (W)