Cosmic Citadels
The WARP Cosmic Citadels

Cosmic Citadels

The following adds the power rotation and selection fun of Citadels (aka Ohne Furcht und Adel) to CE.

For simplicity, do not use powers that affect game setup (Terrorist), have artifacts (Miser), or meta-powers (Insect). Powers that work well as hidden or secret powers are best. Personally, I think the basic Eon set powers work great: Amoeba, Chronos, Clone, Empath, Laser, Macron, Mind, Mutant, Oracle, Philanthropist, Trader, Virus, Void, Vulch, and Zombie.

As the first player, draw a number of powers equal to the number of players plus one. Pick a power after reviewing them all, and place it face down in front of you. Pass the remaining powers to the person on your left, and so on around the table. The last player picks one of the remaining two powers and discards the other one face down.

The first player begins the first challenge. Play as normal using the hidden/secret power rules until everyone gets a turn.

Then, gather up all the powers (including the original discarded power), re-shuffle them, and distribute them as before, except now the role of first player shifts one person to the left. If the order in the first go-around was Adam, Barbara, Curtis, and Dave, the order for the second go-around is Barbara, Curtis, Dave, and then Adam who was first and now is last.

For dual powers, draw a number of powers equal to twice the number of players plus one. When selecting powers, only select one before passing the stack to the next player. Once the stack has been passed around the table twice, discard the last power face down.

Variant by Patrick Riley