Blue Moons
The WARP Blue Moons


Blue Moons

Blue Moons have game effects that are only active when the moon is occupied by more than one player. Challenges against Blue Moons may have alliances, and Blue Moon bases can be shared as part of a deal.

Ally Commit Moon (C) Players that ally with you must bring at least as many tokens as you have in the challenge.

Bonus Moon (C) You may add 1 to your challenge total for the number of other players that have tokens on this moon.

Deal Moon (C) The other occupants of this moon must be included in any deals you make.

Hazard Moon (C) You do not have to draw a Hazard if you are making a second challenge.

Hulk Moon (C) Any time you have one token in a challenge, you must treat it as if you have two tokens there (for totals only).

Loner Moon (C) Any player attacking you on a Blue Moon must do so without inviting allies.

Moon Base Epsilon (C) You may count this moon as a base toward the win.

Moon Unit Zapper (C) Players must remove a token from the challenge each time they play a Zap Edict against you.

Re-Kicker Moon (C) You do not have to discard any Kickers you play.

Rewards Moon (C) Any time you would draw tokens from the Warp, you may instead take that many cards from the Rewards deck.

Threeinforce Moon (C) Your Reinforcement cards are worth triple their value.

Unfair Moon (C) If you do not make a successful deal, you lose no tokens.

Expansion by Jack Reda