The WARP Belts



Within each solar system, there consist two belts of solid surface objects. The inner belt known as the Asteroid Belt is made up of asteroids, which are composed of rock and metal. The Asteroid Belt lies between the terrestrial planets and the gaseous planets serving as a defensive ring for the system inhabitants. The outer belt known as the Kuiper Belt is made up of centaurs, which are composed of ice. The Kuiper Belt lies between the gaseous planets and the end of the solar system. Invading aliens use this belt as a bastion for reinforcements and supplies when attacking a solar system.

If using tokens, then use coins as the asteroids and centaurs. If using ships, then the tokens may be used as the asteroids and centaurs.

You may place 1 centaur and 2 asteroids in each system. Centaurs are placed just outside of the system in a ring formation. Asteroids are placed on the hex below the planets.

At the start of each challenge, add a Centaur to the offensive main player's system. After the defensive system is determined, add an asteroid to that system. After cards are revealed and all other affects have been calculated, the offensive side adds the number of occupied centaurs in the defensive system to their total and the defensive side adds the number of occupied asteroids in the defensive system to their total. Tokens on asteroids and centaurs are not at risk in challenges and do not receive rewards or bases as a result of a challenge.

After the winner of a challenge is determined, the winning sides may each take one token which was involved in the challenge and place it on an asteroid or centaur. There is only one token per asteroid or centaur allowed. If there are not enough asteroids and/or centaurs to satisfy all parties, then no asteroids and/or centaurs are occupied this challenge and tokens return to other bases.

Tokens on asteroids and centaurs may only be moved as per normal token movement. Asteroids are considered property of the defensive system; therefore, as part of a deal the owner of the system may give a maximum of 1 asteroid to another player. Only occupied centaurs may be traded in a deal.


(2) Fortify (Phase 10) - Add one asteroid to your system and place a token on it.

(2) Supply Post (Phase 10) - Add one centaur to the system of your choice and place a token on it.

(2) Armageddon (any time) - Remove one asteroid or centaur from the game. Any token occupying is sent to the warp.

Expansion by Nick Deplitch