Alien Technology
The WARP Alien Technology

Alien Technology

After players have selected their alien powers, deal out additional powers off to the side (a number equal to one fewer than the number of players... i.e. in a 5 player game, deal our 4 powers).

During every regroup, players may "research" an alien technology (just like researching with normal Tech cards, but both can not be done if Tech is being used in the game). Starting with the player to the left of the offensive player, each player may place one ship on an alien card (the offensive player places last).

After the regroup, if a player has more ships on an alien than any other player, he or she has control of that alien. That player retains control of the alien as long as he or she is the "majority stock holder". A player may have control of more than one alien technology power.

See also: Technology and Paradigm Alien

Expansion by Jack Reda