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You have the Power to Refract
At the start of each of your encounters, use this power to secretly look at the next flip of the destiny pile. You then load the hyperspace gate and point it at a planet in your system. All other players must respond as though the same planet in their system is being attacked. Everyone may invite normally. After cards are revealed, you reveal the destiny flip. Conclude the encounter normally. Any player who is allied as well as a main player must remove his allied ships without calculating their total. If encountering a home planet, the defensive player is specified before cards are revealed, but after played.


The Warp Alien Power database has over 2000 entries you can look through, including every offically printed alien (search by author, origin, expansion, variant, and more). Just click on "Homebrew of the Day" to access the Amazing Alien Database. If you play Cosmic Encounter long enough, you eventually find yourself in The Warp.

Normally, you wouldn't find this many zombies in the warp...

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